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Flat Tops

Introducing our SJ, OM, and 000 flat top guitars

Each model is shown here in two levels of materials, trim, and execution - simple and ornate - though options may be added to, or subtracted from, these levels to produce just about anything in between.

All of our flat top guitars, regardless of price, are built primarily by hand, from materials that have been chosen to exceed expectations for that particular model and price point. Once the materials are carefully chosen, meticulous cutting, thicknessing, bracing and assembly - adjusted for the unique characteristics of each set of materials - ensures that each guitar may be brought to its fullest potential.

"LI" version of either model starts at $4,000 which includes a Reunion Blues gig bag

"LX" version of either model starts at $6,000 which includes our fiberglass flight case

"LX" models shown were between $6,950 and $10,00